V&S sourcing and Technical Consultancy

V&S is dedicated to provide Project Support and technical consultancy in Vietnam: Project Sourcing Consulting, Manufacturing Agency Service, Technical Consulting , complete  project management , sourcing partner and order manangement from sample to shipment with established supply chain.. A one point solution.

Our Consulting Services …

# Project Sourcing Consulting

● Business Opportunities Analysis

● Market Analysis

● Market entry strategy

● Business Partner Search

# Manufacturing Agency Service

● Garment Manufacturing Sourcing Service

● Garment Consultancy Services

● Garments Quality Control Service

● Fabric Sourcing Service

● Apparel Sourcing Service

● Apparel Buying Agents Service

# Technical Consulting

● problem solving on your productions end to end

● managing your sourcing and controlling quality
QA and quality consulting

● Merchandise consulting

# CSR Consulting

● Compliance consulting – social, safety,

# System development Consulting

● developing system in newly established facilities

● making facility compliant, establishing process flow, establishing QMS, line assembly 

● Initial Production Services

● Textile Consultancy Services

 Business opportunity analysis

A Business opportunity Analysis starts with a desk study and interviews to understand the environment the business will be exposed to in Vietnam.Our expert analysis and will be focused to your product category giving highlights on the market potential to enable the stakeholders to make profitable business decisions .

Market Analysis:

We provide Primary research analysis report detailing possible customers and competitive products available locally. We provide the understanding of crucial of business practices, that are important for you as newcomer. Providing regulatory and compliance guidance to help develop new innovative way to ensure your product is compliant and has a smooth market entry. We work in coordination with expert consultants of various sectors from customs data, to discussions with opinion leaders and specialists, all this to get a first impression of the market potential in Vietnam and provide solution at one point.

 Market Entry Strategy in Vietnam

The entry to a market starts with a good Market Entry Strategy. Based on the Business Opportunity Analysis, strategies will be developed to maximize results at optimum costs. The strategy includes product localization, identifying best market segments, testing all potential entry mode option with their advantages and disadvantages from your business point of view. The result of this exercise is a clear process to follow, a market specific entry strategy based on the chosen entry mode.

Searching corporate Partner for your Business in Vietnam

A good Partner facilitates with internal know how to enhance sales and works together towards long term business development goals. We extend our hand in identifying and connecting with suitable partner companies after careful analyzing and bench-marking with mutual agreement. Choosing the right partner not only saves time and money but builds in the confidence in the new market.